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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams and aspirations for 2012 come true

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An excellent blog from a colleague in Egypt.....
Luxor One Day at a Time: Akhmim: Meritamun and the Church of St. Mercurius: The morning after our visit to the two monasteries we hired a taxi and drove (accompanied by our ever-present police escort--R. even had to ...
Luxor News - Jane Akshar: University of Basle in Valley of Kings from EEF: The University of Basle is conducting surveys on undecorated tombs in the Valle of the Kings. Many phot...

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Is the Unknown Man E Mummy Really Penteware?

In 1886 Gaston Maspero, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Service, began the process of unwrapping the royal mummies discovered in a cache at Deir el-Bahri, near the Valley of the Kings. Whilst opening a simple, plain coffin Maspero found something that shocked and surprised him. Inside the coffin, wrapped in a sheepskin, a ritually unclean object for ancient Egyptians, was a young man, hands and feet bound, who appeared to be screaming. There were no inscriptions upon the coffin to aid identification. There was no incision on the left abdomen, whereby the internal organs would be removed. The occupant of the coffin had not been afforded the traditional mummification and, as such, Maspero was convinced there had been foul play:
All those who saw him first hand thought that [he] looked as though he had been poisoned. The contraction of the abdomen and stomach, the desperate movement with which the head is thrown back, the expression of excruciating pain spread over the face hardly allow for any other explanation……….
Others agreed with Masperos initial assessment. The physician who examined the mummy at the time, Daniel Fouquet, agreed that he had been poisoned and stated, "the last convulsions of horrid agony can, after thousands of years, still be seen." A chemist named Mathey, who did some analyses on the mummy, felt that "the wretched man must have been deliberately asphyxiated--most likely by being buried alive." Later examination by the anatomist Grafton Elliott Smith dismissed such claims and he wrote in his The Royal Mummies (1912) that "a corpse that was dead of any complaint might fall into just such an attitude as this body has assumed." But who was this mysterious mummy, denied his name, denied proper burial according to Egyptian rites, yet found amongst some of the most important rulers in Egyptian history? Maspero suggested that the mummy was that of Prince Pentewere, the son of Ramesses III (1185-1153 B.C.) who was involved in the now infamous ‘Harem Conspiracy’ against his father. The conspirators, including Pentewere, were caught and either executed most brutally or allowed to commit suicide. Would, however, such a heinous individual be allowed to be buried with the royal family?
In 2004, the anatomist Dr Bob Brier was given permission to examine the ‘Unknown Man E’. After detailed analysis he stated that whilst he could not prove the mummy was that of Penteware, this particular identification did fit the curious facts of the case. In September 2011, although holding no official position within the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, the ex-minister Dr Zahi Hawass announced, in a satellite broadcast link, that DNA tests had been completed on both the mummy of Ramses III and the Unknown Man E mummy, results of which confirmed that the later was indeed a son of the aforementioned Pharaoh. Could this prove that the Unknown Man E mummy really is Penteware? Not quite. Unfortunately, rather than publish these exciting results in a reputable academic/scientific journal for the world to analyse, Dr Hawass chose to announce the results in a ‘mistakes galore’ Discovery Channel documentary!!! Some things never change, do they?!!

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Yes, at last Kingdom of the Ark has its very own Facebook Page. The aim of this page is to present new findings in relation to the concept of the book. As such, its objectives are threefold: to present new archaeological discoveries, to examine advancements in science within the archaeological discipline, e.g genome testing, strontium/oxygen isotope analysis and so on. Finally, the page will provide a wider study of the links between the Ancient Egyptian and Irish (Celtic) Churches, something I was unable to do at the time due to publishing constraints. So why not pop over to Facebook and take a look....

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A fascinating start to the week if I'm honest. So far, today, I have been asked my opinions and given advice on the origins of the Ark of the Covenant, female weapon burials during the Viking period and the links between ancient Egyptian and Hebrew musical instruments! How could life ever be boring?!

One factor that has become apparent, if I am brutally honest, is the number of authors and researchers, within the historical field, who are so wrapped up with their own egos that they have very little time for other early career researchers. Too obsessed with their own self-importance to even give others the time of day. Hopefully, I will never fall into that trap. I am more then willing to give advice or promote the work of others on my respective web and blog sites. So please never fear to get in touch....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A week away spent 'archaeological field-walking' through miles of recently ploughed barley fields, with four dogs, one mad cat and a rogue hen I named 'Boudicca'. Did I find anything? Like hell I did! Not even a flake of flint. And who said archaeology wasn't glamourous??!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I was recently asked to 'contribute' to the work of fellow researcher, Brien Foerster, who is working on a number of theories concerning the 'Elongated Skull' conundrum. Brien is currently based in Peru and doing some amazing work concerning the so-called Paracas culture. For those who may be interested to learn more, please take a look at Brien's websites:

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An interesting article, currently free to read on Internet Archaeology, using modern technology to re-construct the Tomb of Sen-nedjem at Deir el-Medina

"A Virtual Tomb for Kelvingrove - Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Education" by Melissa Terras

I have a feeling there will be quite a few posts coming today! Anyway, for those who may be interested Internet Archaeology, an on-line subscription journal, has an Open Access week, commencing today and finishing this coming Sunday. Well worth a read, there are some fascinating articles covering a wide-range of subject matters

Apologies for the delay in keeping this blog up-to-date. Sadly, I have been the victim of some really nasty cyber abuse on a well-known social networking site and, therefore, have kept any form of posting to a minimum. The idiots did not realize that not only were they messing with the wrong woman, but I can give as good as I get. So... lets just say I let it be known what 'idiots' these individuals were :) But life goes on.......

As always I have been kept rather busy of late. The Murder at Medinet Habu book has, unfortunately, been delayed due to image problems This has now been rectified, says she letting out a huge sigh of relief, and the up-dated release is imminent. Work now begins on the next 'tour guide'. Details to follow.

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Well the last couple of weeks have been a complete wash-out, as a never ending succession of computer issues and problems have prevented any serious out-pouring of work. Thankfully, all appears to have been resolved, says she with fingers and toes crossed, and there are many new announcements to be made public shortly. As the old saying goes, watch this space!!!

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I would like to bring to your attention the work of my dear colleagues Dr John Ward and Dr Maria Nilsson, who I hope to be sharing experiences with in the very near future

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by Lorraine Evans

Release Date: 19th September 2011

Amazon Kindle Book, PC Download and Application Formats

Throughout Egyptian history only a handful of rulers can be considered truly remarkable kings. Of these Ramses III, the second ruler of the Twentieth Dynasty, was the last great pharaoh to sit upon the throne. His reign was one of considerable turmoil, both at home and abroad, and culminated in one of ancient Egypt's darkest episodes, his eventual assassination at the hands of his harem women.

Murder at Medinet Habu is a unique and entertaining heritage tour whose aim is to make history come alive. By following a series of illustrated landmarks the reader is catapulted into the world of Ramses III, a world of death, magic, bribery and intrigue. It will also enable the reader to follow in the footsteps of the early excavators as they discover a host of secrets buried deep within the sand.


No visit to any ancient Egyptian temple would be complete without the obligatory ghost story. Medinet Habu does not disappoint. The chambers to the north and south, directly behind the Holy of Holies, are long, silent and very dark. As such, there have been a number of reported sightings of unexpected guests appearing from seemingly nowhere and then vanishing in front of peoples very eyes! Make your way into the north chamber and, whilst facing the back wall, take a sly glance to the left. Because it is here that a ghostly figure dressed all in white, some say resembling an Egyptian priest, has been seen to walk right through the solid wall and into the chamber next door. Whereas if you now walk into the adjoining south chamber many visitors have reported a constant tapping sound, like a hammer banging repeatedly on stone. Move outside the chamber and it is said the tapping will cease. Go back into the chamber and the tapping reportedly starts up once more. Can you hear it?

If you would like any further information feel free to make contact at

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For those of you who have Facebook accounts, I would like to introduce you to the 'Egyptology Free Coffee-Bar Association'. A must for those nose-divers who need to take a break from work. Pop over for a cyber chat and a coffee!


Chefs Specials

The Good-Cow Burger

The Irksome-Bull Burger

The Wretched-Donkey Burger (veggie burger, the donkey ran away)


Sides: Figs

Dessert: Fruit (Figs)

Beverages: Beer and Wine (With Figs)

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Egyptian papyrus discovered in Irish bog | History Today

Such an important find for those of us who believe in early Eastern/Western connections. Although I'm not that surprised, if honest, as I have been arguing for years such evidence existed.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lorraine Evans visits Occult Science Radio 09/27 by Occult Science Radio | Blog Talk Radio

27th September 2011 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Due to the time difference, for my UK friends, the live interview will be broadcast at midnight on 27th September

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Does anyone out there have a knowledge of indigenous Nubian gods??? If so, I would really like your opinion on a little matter...............

Friday, August 19, 2011

Well after many long nights slaving over the computer, the first in my new heritage tour guide series "MURDER AT MEDINET HABU", is all set for release. Will post full details here shortly

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Well it has been a very hectic couple of weeks! But I've nearly completed my latest publishing deadline. The first draft of the manuscript should be completed by Friday evening. Then I have a couple of days to work my way through 80+ images. As is always the way with these types of situations, I finally get access to hundreds of Egyptian excavation reports two weeks too late. So, I'm frantically speed reading my way through as many as I can. Just in case I have forgotten any points. Which equates to long nights and plenty of coffee.

Finally, I have booked a research trip to Egypt. Looking forward to it immensely. Going to be meeting up with quite a few interesting people whilst I'm there. Again, I envisage long nights in the Theban Hills, but this time drinking the odd bottle of beer (I hope!) Make a note....remember to search for missing cemetery!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Currently stuck in Medinet Habu, metaphorically speaking that is. Mind you, not a bad place to be stuck. Examining the wrestling scenes depicted in the First Courtyard, at the moment, and can't help thinking about the possible existence of an ancient TNA organization! There's plenty of room in the Courtyard for a wrestling ring, the roof could have been slightly covered to offer a cage match, whilst the Pharaoh and the rest of the Royal family could watch eagerly from the 'Window of Appearances'. What do you think??!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well I finally signed the contract this week, with a new publisher, to produce a tour of my beloved Medinet Habu. Very excited about it all. So, expect quite a few posts over the next few weeks, with regards to my favourite temple. I'm currently focusing my attention on the chapels of the Divine Adoratrices and have already come across an issue. I just cannot find a decent translation of the formula offerings entitled "Appeals to the Living". So, if anyone could assist, please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Currently working on a new Medinet Habu project. One of my favourite Temple complexes in Luxor. Will post more information when I can!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"In ancient times Scota, the daughter of pharaoh, left Egypt with her husband Gaythelos by name and a large following. For they had heard of the disasters which were going to come upon Egypt, and so through the instructions of the gods they fled certain plagues that were to come. They took to the sea, entrusting themselves to the guidance of the gods" (Scotichronicon - Walter Bower)

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A day out at Poyntzfield House, Jemimaville. A pleasant diversion from my book research and a charming array of backs!! (I'm the one in the red!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quite a fruitful couple of days. Have been in discussion with a PR agent about handling the publicity for my next book release (s). Plus, possible future speaking engagements. Fellow author's in my particular field have been popping by to say "Hi" and to discuss potential joint projects. That has been fun. Especially discussing our experiences at University College London!! An American radio show wish to interview me about my first book, Kingdom of the Ark, and my subsequent years of research. And today was spent in discussion with a web designer, formulating concepts for my new website. What I would describe as a networking day, rather then getting any real research done. Will have to make amends this coming week-end. In between the Formula 1 obviously!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well, so much for Midsummer! It's wet here, cold, wet, windy and oh, did I say it was wet!! Thankfully, today's tasks are all based indoors, sitting at the computer. At this moment in time, I'm putting together an abstract for a conference on Conflict Archaeology this coming October in Scotland. Thankfully, a quick call to someone special in the USA gave me the information I required. And staying on the States theme, I have also just been asked to appear on a Stateside radio show. Now all I have to do is find something interesting to talk about....any ideas??!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have been taking a sabbatical for the past two months, but am now back with a vengeance. Busy working on two new books, all will be revealed at a later date!! I have also been asked to contribute to the "DaysofArchaeology" project taking place on 29th July 2011. Details to follow

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new take on 'skeleton's in the cupboard'. Have just moved to a hamlet in the Far North when, having discovered my profession, a neighbour invited me in to 'admire' their keepsake from a local ancient burial ground. It was a full-length skeleton hanging up in the linen cupboard. Yikkesss!!!
I would like to say "time to resume ones Blog." However, as I'm sure you can see for yourself, I never even got around to starting it!! A huge faux pas me thinks! So, without further ado, once again, welcome to my Blog. Hopefully this time around, I'll be rather more successfully at up-dating my archaeological 'coming's and going's'.........................