Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Well it has been a very hectic couple of weeks! But I've nearly completed my latest publishing deadline. The first draft of the manuscript should be completed by Friday evening. Then I have a couple of days to work my way through 80+ images. As is always the way with these types of situations, I finally get access to hundreds of Egyptian excavation reports two weeks too late. So, I'm frantically speed reading my way through as many as I can. Just in case I have forgotten any points. Which equates to long nights and plenty of coffee.

Finally, I have booked a research trip to Egypt. Looking forward to it immensely. Going to be meeting up with quite a few interesting people whilst I'm there. Again, I envisage long nights in the Theban Hills, but this time drinking the odd bottle of beer (I hope!) Make a note....remember to search for missing cemetery!

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