Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yes, at last Kingdom of the Ark has its very own Facebook Page. The aim of this page is to present new findings in relation to the concept of the book. As such, its objectives are threefold: to present new archaeological discoveries, to examine advancements in science within the archaeological discipline, e.g genome testing, strontium/oxygen isotope analysis and so on. Finally, the page will provide a wider study of the links between the Ancient Egyptian and Irish (Celtic) Churches, something I was unable to do at the time due to publishing constraints. So why not pop over to Facebook and take a look....

Monday, November 14, 2011

A fascinating start to the week if I'm honest. So far, today, I have been asked my opinions and given advice on the origins of the Ark of the Covenant, female weapon burials during the Viking period and the links between ancient Egyptian and Hebrew musical instruments! How could life ever be boring?!

One factor that has become apparent, if I am brutally honest, is the number of authors and researchers, within the historical field, who are so wrapped up with their own egos that they have very little time for other early career researchers. Too obsessed with their own self-importance to even give others the time of day. Hopefully, I will never fall into that trap. I am more then willing to give advice or promote the work of others on my respective web and blog sites. So please never fear to get in touch....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A week away spent 'archaeological field-walking' through miles of recently ploughed barley fields, with four dogs, one mad cat and a rogue hen I named 'Boudicca'. Did I find anything? Like hell I did! Not even a flake of flint. And who said archaeology wasn't glamourous??!