Saturday, May 19, 2012

Am I the only one who is becoming rather concerned nowadays at how people in both archaeological/​anthropological and alternative circles are using DNA testing as absolute irrefutable proof??? For peoples information, DNA does NOT prove anything. DNA results are only as good as those responsible for the testing. There are some excellent people involved in this particular field. But there are also as many, if not more, complete deviants/numpties! For example, here are three DNA tests I know full well about...

1) The group already had a preconceived agenda so the DNA sample was tested three times until the group achieved the result they desired

2) When the DNA tests were inconclusive, a vote was taken amongst the testing group to decide what results should be considered 'proof' and released into the public domain.

3) The sampling equipment had not been cleaned from the previous test, so all results were contaminated and inaccurate (this was by a supposedly Government backed private genetic testing company). It did not stop the agency from releasing the contaminated results though.

So folks, if you do read something about how DNA has proven this or that, have the common sense to ask a few questions first before believing what you read.....:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

A little taster of what I have been writing about over the past couple of weeks. Dating to the later periods of Egyptian history, these are referred to as 'Osiris Bricks', not to be confused with 'Osiris Beds'. Very little is known about their origins, probably only thirteen of them are today in existence, and they would serve as a receptacle for soil and grain, the germinating grain representing the resurrection of the god Osiris.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alas, due to personal reasons, I am unable to travel to Egypt this year and much of the intended research I wished to share with you all has now been put on hold until a later date. But all not is lost, as there appears to be a million other things to do. So I thought it would be a good idea to list them rather than write one long paragraph......

1) I am now recording the various ‘grave-markers’ I come across on my respective travels. So I ask you all to have a little patience with me as I indulge in my new found passion for skull and cross bone iconography, swords, shovels, trumpets, skeletons and other relative symbols of mortality. The results will be published in an on-going 'Symbols of Mortality Monograph Series'.

2) I have now set up a new tour company called Ancient Scotland Tours, providing a variety of day tours around the north of Scotland. It is still in its infancy mind you, but things appear to be going well. Please make a note of the address - Contact email is Please feel free to make contact if you are thinking of a trip to bonnie Scotland and would like some advice.

3) A local Scheduled Ancient Monument recently collapsed, not entirely unexpected if I'm honest, and I will be a member of the related work-party tasked with something archaeological I am guessing. I will take a series of pictures to share the comings-and-goings of said monument, so you can gauge the problems archaeology faces during these troubling times.

4) Five new pieces of work will be published in a variety of magazines in the next month or so. Not all about Egypt, but the majority are. I will keep you posted to as and when they are available to read.

5) If all goes well, I will be joining an excavation throughout the summer searching for the remains of prehistoric settlements in mountainous areas. More to follow on this.

6) Ye ole Warrior Women is now set for a total re-vamp, and a new title, and will be released in 2013. In all honestly, it will be an entirely new book and will bear no relation, whatsoever, to the old Osprey titled one.

7) Bookings for lectures are now coming in at a steady pace, very flattering, so please feel free to contact me if you would like a talk for your society. The two favourite subject matters appear to be ancient Egypt and warrior women! No surprise there!

8) Oh and don't forget, Murder at Medinet Habu is now out! So, until the next up-date I send best wishes to you all.